ynthia, a 38 year old woman of Jewish descent, was a beautiful and talented woman pursuing her dreams.

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Section 6:
Read Responding to Domestic Violence Chapters 12 and 13
Assignment 12

Activity Description

Begin Final Exam

All assignments MUST be typed, double-spaced, in APA style, and must be written at graduate level English. The content, conciseness, and clarity of your work will be considered in the evaluation of your work. You must cite your work according to APA format.

Your final exam consists of 7 (seven) scenarios. For each scenario, you will be responding to questions specific to situations of violence. Use the text thoroughly to support your responses with APA citations. Culture and legal/ethical issues must be included in your discussion. You may use the links provided, but for culture, you are also encouraged to use other cultural resources, citing the source of your information in APA style.

(2017).   California Laws Related to Domestic Violence.

(2018).   California Domestic Violence Law Compendium.

Cultural Considerations in Recognizing and Responding to Domestic Violence. CulturalConsiderations_Domestic.pdf

[located under Resources]

Each scenario should be 1-1 ½  pages per scenario.  Your entire exam must be no more than 10 pages total plus a title and reference page

Do not type the scenario in your responses.

Scenario One
Cynthia, a 38 year old woman of Jewish descent, was a beautiful and talented woman pursuing her dreams. With success came a whirlwind of fame, a husband and six children. Several calls were made to seek help for the violence she suffered behind closed doors.  Cynthia is not alone; millions of woman around the world face the same fate at the hands of a partner. In this case, her life was unbearable and there was no way out. Married at age 20, she was dead by the age of 38.

Question 1:  What factors may have contributed to this tragic outcome. What protective and preventative strategies may have changed the outcome? What are your own thoughts about this scenario? Cite the reading materials to support your discussion.

Scenario Two
Charles, a 28-year old male of Native-American descent, had been drinking heavily and had an argument with his ex-girlfriend. He threatened to burn her house down. A short time later he set fire to some cardboard boxes on the porch causing charring to the wood before she could put it out. Charles then tried to light a door on fire with a lighter before running to his truck. Charles started up his truck and starting ramming the vehicle owned by his ex-girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend indicated that she feared for her life.

Question 2:  Is there any indication that this scenario represented an intimate partner violence situation? What are your own thoughts about this scenario? Cite the reading materials to support your discussion.

Scenario Three
Gerald, a 35-year old male of African-American descent, came from a large family of nine children. His relationship with his father was superficial. Men worked to take care of the family back then; they did not have time to play with children! When his father came home from work, he wanted his dinner and beer; no conversation and no trouble from the wife or kids. His mother had a temper; she rarely acquiesced to her husbands’ demands for a timely dinner or quiet house. They yelled and fought frequently. Typically, it would stop with mom crying and hurt from a backhand or push to the ground. It made Gerald bristle to see his mother treated like that.
It was from this upbringing that Gerald vowed not to live like his parents. He would never hit his wife … Marriage came, along with a few children. There was never enough money to pay the bills and he was never good enough, or so he felt. His wife became increasingly demanding. He drank to drown out the noise. Then it happened— he gave his wife a backhand. It was the only thing he could think to do.

Question 3:
What theoretical explanations for intimate partner violence does this scenario describe? What are your own thoughts about this scenario? Cite the reading materials to support your discussion.

Scenario Four
Susan, a 15-year old adolescent of Mexican-American descent, began running away from home, but was caught and returned. Her parents were alarmed at the behavior problems that were surfacing. She was getting into fights at school with other girls and had been suspended on two occasions. In an individual therapy session, Susan divulged that her parents are mutually violent on a regular basis. She tries to block out the screaming and fighting with music, but she can still hear them. She once tried to break up a fight, but regrets that decision. 

Question 4: What are some of the questions that you would want to be answered by this teenager? What are the current concerns you might have? Do you think Susan’ situation is a form of child abuse? Is there any intervention that might be of benefit? Cite the reading materials to support your discussion.

Scenario Five
Cindy, a 42-year old woman, fell deeply in love with and married Jim, who is 10 years her senior. It was Cindy’s second marriage. Her first husband died 5 years before she met Jim. Both Cindy and Jim are of Islamic descent. Cindy had two children by her first husband and one more since she and Jim married. They own their own home and both hold professional jobs. Shortly after the birth of their daughter, things started getting tense. Cindy felt like she was walking on eggshells because Jim would get angry about the most insignificant things. One day he flew into a rage and hit her; he pulled her across the room by her hair. Afterward he was so sorry, he promised to change. He bought her a gift. Things got really good, like when they had first met—it was great! About 10 months later, he started getting cranky again.

Question 5: What are your concerns about this scenario? What do you believe may likely happen next? What referrals might you give Cindy to protect herself and the children? If Jim were willing, what referrals might you suggest to Jim? Cite the reading materials to support your discussion.

Scenario Six
Brian obtained a restraining order in the state of California against his same-sex abuser, Tom. The provisions of the court order require that Tom must refrain from abusing, threatening, or attempting to harm Brian in any way. Further, Tom is ordered not to contact Brian or come near his residence. Brian decided to move to another state in order to start a new life without fear. He has learned that Tom is looking for him and he wonders what to do. 

Question 6:  Do you think this retraining order will protect Brian? Is Brian’s restraining order enforceable in his new home state? What options does Brian have to protect himself? Do you see this as a stalking situation? Cite the reading materials to support your discussion.

Scenario Seven
Jill, a 25-year old woman raised in the Philippines, has recently moved in together with the police officer, Al, that she had been dating.  Because of his shift work and demanding overtime schedule, he bought her a cell phone so that they could keep in touch during the day.  One day, she had gone shopping and forgot to turn the phone on.  When Al came home, he was furious and started accusing her of cheating on him.  He was yelling and throwing things around the house.  Jill was very angry and yelled back at him, demanding that he leave her house.  Al responded by pushing her down; then, he started to kick her repeatedly.  When Al left, Jill went to the hospital and received treatment for broken ribs.  She was frightened; after all, he is a police officer!

Question 7: What is the policy regarding police intervention of domestic violence? What are your own thoughts about this scenario? Should Al be arrested? Cite the reading materials to support your discussion.

Due Week 8.

Assignment Outcomes
Explain the major theories of violence
Explore judicial responses to violence
Formulate intervention, treatment and prevention strategies
Consider issues of culture and diversity in abuse and violence
Analyze the current domestic violence laws and domestic abuse requirements
Examine evidence based research in the study of violence
Demonstrate ethical behavior in the use of technology


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