Writing a research paper seems like a daunting task, but if you understand the process

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The essay is about Stop and Frisk in New York City.

Essay #3 Research Essay

The final written assignment in this course is the production of a formally documented research paper.

Writing a research paper seems like a daunting task, but if you understand the process

that you are undertaking, and if you break the work into steps, producing such a paper is more easily achieved.

Research: 6-8 sources, only TWO of which can be website sources (Wikipedia, Info.com, etc.)

(Note: Articles that you access via the internet but were originally published in print form do not count as website resources.)

Topic: For your research paper, you may pursue any topic that meets ALL of the following criteria:
1) The topic stems from one of our readings from 50 Essays or We.
2) The topic lends itself to analysis

(You can make an argument and look at the topic from different angles and approaches.
3) The topic can be shaped, narrowed, and limited so as to yield a strong thesis that can be adequately addressed in an 7-10 page paper.

Remember that a research paper is a synthesis of materials. You will select sources that can teach you something about your selected topic; you will select materials from those sources that

can help you support the thesis that you devise for your essay.


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Objectives (qualities upon which I will grade your paper)

1) A thesis that makes an original argument (i.e., makes an evaluation of some sort of your selected essay)

2) Topic sentences that clearly link body paragraphs to the thesis idea.

3) Well-developed paragraphs:

detailed illustrations of assertions; material from your selected essay used to support assertions.

4) Quotations integrated smoothly and correctly into the body of your sentences/paragraphs.
5) Sources are clearly documented in MLA style with a Works Cited page.

As you begin to approach your question for sustained attention, analyze seven texts that you might use for final writing project. I say this because you might begin reading a text and 30

minutes decide: This isn’t going to provide a satisfactory answer to my question. When this happens, do not just go to the next text. Try to figure out if there is anything you can get from the

text by answering the following:
What sort of text is it? What types of questions does its author ask? What kind of evidence does the author use?

Does the author have a thesis/agenda/goal, and why or why not? Where is the

work published and who do you think the intended audience is? Does the author present him/herself as authoritative, and how so? What sorts of writing conventions does the author use? (Think

about word choice, jargon, tone, passive/active voice, use of pronouns, paragraph/chapter structure, appendices, indices, repeated words, etc.)

You will answer these questions as part of an annotated bibliography. Your annotated bibliography should contain at least SEVEN primary or secondary TEXTS (books, articles, essays, videos:

NOT websites.). After entering the bibliographic information in MLA style will provide a brief summary. After your summary, describe how the facts are presented. Who is the author? Is she/he an

authority? Why? How does this source help you in your quest? Is it too “academic” for your interest? Not scholarly enough? Too general/specific? Has the source helped you to change or refine

your question?

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