Reflecting on My WRTG 101 Experiences

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WRTG 101 Final Project: Reflective Essay


In a fast-paced course such as this one, you have worked hard and quickly to complete your assignments according to the instructions given to you. Now is the

opportunity for you to consider the experiences you had had in writing throughout this course and how those experiences might be useful to you in future courses.

This assignment asks you to reflect and consider the work you have done, how successfully you feel you have completed it, and how the skills and strategies you have

learned in completing this work may help you in your future studies.

Since this assignment is reflective and self-evaluating, using “I, me, my” should be acceptable as you write this essay.

The Assignment:

This assignment calls for you to write an essay of 800-1000 words, double spaced. The essay should have the following academic essay elements:

1) a clear introduction, body, and conclusion
2) a clearly identifiable thesis statement in the introduction
3) evidence based upon your recollections and any material from the course (whether from the texts, the online resources, the course modules, the feedback to drafts,

or the conference topics) that you might find relevant to mention in your discussion

Length: 800-1000 words

Possible approaches for the reflective essay in WRTG 101:

On the following two pages, you will see descriptions of two examples of approaches you can take in your reflective essay. Each approach has three (3) parts. Be sure

that you understand clearly what is expected of you. If you have questions, be sure you ask your instructor. You should choose only one of these tasks, and you may not

choose any other topic.

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