PSYC&100—Rubric for Essays in General

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PSYC&100—Rubric for Essays in General


Organization—follows format in syllabus re: spacing.  There is a clear author and subject matter. Writing appears to be focused on distinct topic in each paragraph. Topic sentences are used for transitions between paragraphs and topics. There is a logical flow to the order of the paper. Paragraphs are appropriately long (minimum or 8 sentences each). About 25% of grade.



Development and Expression—paper is an objective review of an author’s information-does not include opinion unless asked.  All pertinent details about subject are included. Assignment requirements are met (length). All the possible information, from all the possible sources, is used (text, class notes, canvas documents); condensed information is presented in a smooth way.  Reader shows they understand terms by defining them. Reader is presented with something related to psychology’s theories and concepts (concepts are agreed upon definitions). About 60% of grade.


Grammar and Evidence— APA guidelines from syllabus and quick sheet are followed, authors and data are cited in the text an referenced on the reference page, a reference page is attached with correct format and information, paraphrasing and in-text citation are present and used correctly (evident use of paraphrasing— at least two paraphrases per page), effectively edited, lack of wordiness, correct punctuation, inclusiveness of subjects present, lack of labeling language and  bias, spelling is correct, and overall grammar is correct. About 15% of grade.







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