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Scientific inquiry in biolo y starts by observing the living species around you. What‘separates science from the other methods of seeking

truth is that it istestable ?e.g., one can devrse experiments to test the v alidity of an Idea); it is falsifiable (e.g., an exp eriment can
rev eal if an idea isfalse); and it involves natural causality (e.g., the method involves and depends upon the natural laws ofthe universe
which cause things to happen in a predictable and repeatable manner).
Observation: Scientific inquiry begins when something interesting
gets your attention.
Question: Following an observation, a question arises in your mind. It may be something like “I wonder what?” or, “I
wonder how? or, “I wonder why?”
Assignment Details
In this assignment, you will take a look at the scientific method. You will design
a (fictional) scientific studyto ansWer a specific question based upon an observ ation.
First,.choose1 of the following observations or
Option A
Observ ation: During the winter, you spread salt daily on your driveway to melt the snow. Inthe
springtime,when the lawn beginsto grow, you notice that there is no grass growrng for about 3 inchesfrom the driveway. Furthermore,the
grass seemsto be growing more slowly up to about1 foot from the driveway.
Question: Might grass growth be inhibited by salt?
Option B
Observ ation: You and your neighbor have small kitchen gardens where you both grow tomatoes. His blotchy green and red
tomato estaste much sweeter than your perfectly uniform red ones.
Question: Might tomato sweetness be effected bythe green
chloroplasts in the fruits?

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