MGMT104 Event Management: Design and Sustainability

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MGMT104 Event Management: Design and Sustainability



Type:                         Individual Analytical Paper.


Due Date:                 Week 6 (7th September) at 11:59PM on LEO.


Weighting:                30%.


Length:                     1500 words (the word count covers just the body of the report and

does not include the introduction and conclusion).


Structure:                 Presented in an informal report structure: Introduction, Main Body/Findings,

and conclusion.


References:             8 references max (5 scholarly references + other, etc).


Task:                         You will write a paper which critically analyses and evaluates the economic                                    impact of events.


Purpose:                   To examine the scope of the design issues facing a large sustainable event;

demonstrating a clear understanding of the pertinent issues/outcomes

generated by this.


Excutive summary – report summary (not included in word count)



Event Background


Earlier this year, the Gold Coast successfully hosted the XXI Commonwealth Games. Held between the 4th-15th April, the games featured 19 Commonwealth sports; as diverse as bowls through to boxing and badminton.

Spread out over 14 venues in the host city, but also extending to additional venues in Brisbane, Cairns, and Townsville, more than 6,600 athletes, including 300 para-athletes, from 71 Commonwealth countries took part in the event.

Staged every 4 years, and representing up to 30% of the world’s population, the ‘Friendly Games’ have now visited Australia’s shores 6 times over the course of its history; more than any other country.



Assignment Brief

  • Provide a brief overview of the Commonwealth Games and the significance of the games to sport.
  • Briefly explain how various cities bid for the chance to host the games.
  • Assess the main operational considerations in organising, running, and managing such a large international event.
  • Critically analyse the costs and benefits of hosting the Commonwealth Games to the Gold Coast/Queensland/Australia from an economical perspective (consider the financial, social, and environmental impact).




Marking Criteria



  1. Introduction (2 marks)



  1. Background & Operations: 12 marks:
  • Background to & justification of the event.                                                 (2 marks)
  • The bidding process.                                                 (2 marks)
  • The main operational considerations in hosting this event. (8 marks)



  1. Economic Impact (positive & negative) to the Host City/State/Country 14 marks:
  • Financial perspective (6 marks)
  • Social perspective                                                                                                             (4 marks)
  • Environmental perspective (4 marks)



  1. Conclusion (2 marks)



  1. References




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