Global Marketing Strategy

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You are required to prepare a report for an existing company product (or service) of your choice from the country of your choice. The report needs to address the

strategic marketing issues of market entry into both a developed and developing country market. The company product should not already have an established market

presence in your chosen target countries.
Your report needs to address the following
1) Analyse the nature of the two marketing environments in which the company product or service will be targeted
2) Critically compare and contrast the strategic marketing challenges of operating in these distinct country markets
3) Recommend and justify market entry mode and strategy for operating in each target market
Word indication for the whole assignment = 3000 +/- 10%
N.B Bibliography, references and Appendices are not included as part of your word count, however, please do not abuse this.
The early stages of the assignment involve researching and evaluating the chosen markets.
For information on geographic markets access the following sources and download the relevant publications for analysis.
• Via the University e-library access MarketLine Advantage and download ‘Country Profiles’ for each of the countries.
• Via the web access ‘UK Trade and Investment’ agency, select ‘Export’, navigate to each of the country pages and download the ‘Doing Business In’ guides.
You are expected to use, and reference, other credible sources from the e-library and the internet.

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