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Please give a detailed answer on how to handle the situation: You work for a small consulting firm and, like most companies; you are currently facing tight budget
constraints given the recent economic downturn. Your department (which you now lead) has recently won a large contract, which after submitting your bid, you have
realized will require several more copies of a very expensive suite of software to properly deliver the contract on time. The software costs around $7,500 each
license. If you purchase these licenses, you will wipe out your entire estimated profit for this contract based on your bids. This will not be received well by
your management, as it is your responsibility to deliver accurate bids. One week into the project, you notice that several co?workers now have this software
installed. You uncover that a co?worker identified a way to install the software and not pay for the license fee. The plan is to delete the program immediately
following the project in 1 month’s time given you will likely not require this software for future projects. Your team views this as an innovative way to save
cost, deliver the contract on time, and turn your estimated profit. Without these licenses, you will not turn a profit on this contract, which may lead to negative
performance review or even demotion. What do you do? Please give a detailed answer on how to handle the situation:

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