Choosing a Flowchart for your OIP

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Choosing a Flowchart for your OIP

Response Guidelines

Read the posts of your peers and respond to at least two. See below. When responding to others, seek clarification, share your personal experiences that relate to their experiences, and provide feedback on their posts.


Student 1

The high level process map would best suit my OIP. I chose this map as it would enable me to clearly state Apple’s management and product issues and to indicate solutions. Instead of adding details, I would have an opportunity to diagram procedures and goals that Apple has set and/or should set. I would also be able to alter this type of map as it fits the mechanics of Apple.


Russell, R. S., Taylor, B. W. (2017). Operations and Supply Chain Management (9th ed.) Retrieved


















Student 2

Which type of flowchart has features that suit your OIP? Describe specific features or aspects of your chosen flowchart that match your needs, and compare these features to those found in some of the other options.

The type of flowchart features that suits my OIP is Simple Value Chain Flowchart. I chose this flowchart because it is very simple, and it is similar to how Toyota’s operation looks like. Simple Value Chain flowchart has Supplier, manufacturer, and customer; the product will flow starting from the supplier to the manufacturer and finally to the customer. Information then flows from the customers, to the manufacturer, and finally to the supplier. Process Innovation is another flowchart that relates to Toyota; it is very detailed and has necessary steps that needs to be taken to avoid problems. The initial process is the goals for that product. Some of the most important aspects of this flowchart are: customer requirement, process map (detailed), pilot study of new design, data, innovative ideas, model validation, performance measures, goals met, and full scale implementation. Toyota should follow this process exactly, but they are not because they are regularly recalling their vehicles.

The features for Process Innovation is very important, especially with Toyota, because innovation in the workplace helps the company thrive, not only with one individual, but with multiple people. Other option that I could not pick was classic process flowchart; it had too much information that an automobile company wouldn’t need, the steps were too complex. I chose process innovation because I want Toyota further focus on the process, instead of the quota. Before the implementation of a vehicle to pass, they must question all areas of that design. Are the goals met in terms of safety for the customers; this process will help Toyota if it was fully met.


Russell, R. S., & Taylor, B. W. (2017). Operations and supply chain management (9th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. ISBN: 9781119320975.


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