SWOT Analysis on Education Technologies

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SWOT Analysis on Education Technologies


Strayer University

EDU 542

August 19, 2018



Technology is very important and each and every entity should aim at ensuring that they integrate technology in their operations. In the past years, most institutions that offer education have attempted to make use of technology (Collins, 2018). There are various technologies that have been invented and already put into use in schools. However, institutions should be very keen to integrate technologies that only make learning easier and not those that distract learning activities. For instance, after the invention of iPads, most schools started using them while learning. Although the technology had its own advantages, there was no any educational benefit gained by its integration.

A chrome book is a kind of a laptop that is a bit different from the other common laptops that are used by individuals. The Chrome book is different from the other laptops because of its operating system. Chrome books use the Google operating system while the other laptops majorly use Microsoft. In the recent times, most institutions have introduced the usage of chrome books in learning activities. Research shows that chrome books have more strength in learning as compared to the weaknesses. Similarly, chrome books have encouraged career development in schools. A student who intends to major in the field of technology will have an easy time in the future (Taylor, 2015).

Study blue also is a major technology in education that is being integrated into institutions of learning. Study blue is basically an app that can be found even in phones. Teachers who use study blue in teaching create flashcards and issue them to students. The students make use of these flash cards so as to review educational material concerning the specific topic. The study blue app is in such a way as a library where students can access all the materials that they want at one point. The app has helped to improve education as it gives students a variety of information to use while carrying out their studies.

Class description

A class of students in the lower grade who majorly used iPads before the introduction of the chrome books will now be able to carry out various activities which were difficult when using the iPads and tablets. When the schools introduce chrome books for use by the students, the junior students will have an easy time in learning since chrome books are easy to use and understand. Similarly, chrome books will reduce the workload that the junior students are subjected to. Therefore, by introducing chrome books in studies the juniors will be able to have an easy time in learning and still attain education goals.

As stated above, study blues are suitable for students who are in the higher grades of education. Study blue is like a library that is majorly used by students who study complex issues. Introduction of study blues in schools of higher learning will enable the students there to have a variety of information to review from in their studies. The app also ensures that the set of educational goals are attained by making all the information accessible to all students. Students are able to access all the information concerning the topic from the comfort of their electronic gadgets. For instance, students who have the app in their phones are able to study even at their homes.

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis of chrome books in schools


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