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Read the instruction on the attachment, then follow as it is. Need the outline for tomorrow, and final paper on thursday. I know its little bit of time, but its really easy. I would like to do this assignment but due to my busy schedule I wont make it. Thanks. Let the product be a pencil. For production of pencil , we need a factory shed , machine , raw materials, utilities like electricity and water and finally manpower who will run the factory. Machine could be for different puposes- a machine for rolling the the wood into a cylindrical shape , amachine to insert the graphite inside it and a machine which colors and labels the pencil. Similarly we need raw material like wood , graphite , paints etc. Manpower could be of two types- workers and supervisers. While workers opearate the machines , supervisers monitoe and guide the workers. The price of the pencil is dependent on cost of raw material , labor cost , other overheads and profit. The pricing can be cost based or can be market based depending on the stratgy of the manufacturer. A product doesnot sell automatically in the market. Therefore proper distribution network is required and advertisement to promote the product. If it is a new brand , sales promotion schemes for customers as well as channel partners are required for market penetration.Therefore a businss is a end-to-end activity of installing a factory, buying raw materials , converting raw materials to finished products and finally selling it at a profit.

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